Yvonne Hercules – Wolf Cry 
Yvonne Hercules - Wolf Cry

Release Date: Out Now

Now, I’m going to hold my hands up at this stage for your benefit and nobody else’s. Upon first listen, I dismissed this track out of hand as it didn’t grab my attention but I went back a few days later as I wasn’t convinced that my initial reaction was a fair one. Fortunately for all of us, my second listen to the new single from Yvonne Hercules was a completely different experience full of relief, a release of pressure and a sense of calmness. On ‘Wolf Cry’, Hercules displays her hugely impressive vocals with a dusky tone during the verses and a clear, ringing, full lunged delivery during the choruses which is all done with honesty and a joy for the art. Accompanying this voice is a wrung out guitar line and some piano notes but not a whole lot else which gives Hercules’ voice the space it needs to spread its wings and glide gracefully around your head. Definitely one to turn off the phone and close the curtains for if you want to luxuriate in its sheer beauty.

Live Dates:

9th July – The Finsbury, London