The Soap Girls – Johnny Rotten 
The Soap Girls - Johnny Rotten

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a long history of female duos taking on the pop and rock worlds including Shampoo, Tatu and the excellent Rews but now we have a new act to contend with. The Soap Girls may dress more like Suicide Girls than rockers but don’t let that distract you from the fact that these girls can play and they know how to put together a hook that will worm it’s way in to your head. There are elements of Hole in here that are hard to ignore but also a more British vibe that reminds me of Terrorvision or the Wildhearts in places. And if anyone has an issue with the image then just remember there are people going on Love Island wearing less and not presenting with any talent other than just, well, wearing less. If you’ve got the talent then you might as well flaunt it and the Soap Girls tick both boxes in terms of talent and flauntability.

Live Dates:

15th June – The Parish, Huddersfield
16th June – The Sanctuary, Burnley
22nd June – Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby
23rd June – Custom House Hotel, Greenock
25th June – Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
29th June – Rigger Rock Venue, Newcastle-under-Lyme
30th June – The Lantern, Halifax
5th July – Bar 42, Worthing
6th July – The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
7th July – North Shore Troubadour, Liverpool
12th July – Mama Liz’s, Stamford
14th July – The Underground, Bradford
26th July – Bierkeller, Exeter
28th July – Woolpack Live, Doncaster
2nd August – Winter Gardens, Blackpool
12th September – Brin de Zinc, Barberaz
13th October – Music-Club, Munich
26th October – The Fenton, Leeds
27th October – The Flag, Watford
17th November – The Trades, Rotherham

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