Spielbergs – Daisy! It’s the New Me 
Spielbergs - Daisy! It's the New Me

Release Date: Out Now

Norway is one of those countries that I don’t get enough music from so I’m delighted to receive this new release by the excellently named Spielbergs from Oslo. ‘Daisy! It’s the New Me’ is urgent and twitchy in the way the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys were when they started out and hadn’t eaten for weeks but vocally it’s way more garage-punk and that adds a whole new level of excitement to proceedings. You can hear the vocal chords straining and the spit on the microphone while every string gets rattled to within an inch of its life and the drums get pounded like dry-wall when your team loses in the last minute of the big game. Intense, full power and full of melodies, just how I like it. Well played Norway.

Live Dates:

26th July – Siren Festival, Vasto
7th August – Hilma Nikolaisen, Parkteatret