Slitty Wrists – CCTV 
Slitty Wrists - CCTV

Release Date: Out Now

I don’t know a lot about Rhode Island’s provocatively named Slitty Wrists but I’ve got his new single and video which is enough for me right now. ‘CCTV’ has a chilled start with a rippled guitar line that has a West Coast Hip-Hop vibe and then the beat drops keeping things relaxed while Slitty Wrists gets increasingly aggressive with his rhymes. This is lo-fi stuff but the message is clear and the combination of beat and melody head-noddingly infectious. “CCTV, ain’t that invasion of our privacy, CCTV, why it always feels like they be watching me”, there is no questioning the aim and accuracy of Slitty Wrists like a young Eminem but with a bigger battle to fight than just his own demons.

Watch the Video: