Simon D James – In the Fields 

Simon D James - In the Fields

Release Date: Out Now

OK, so this track has been out for about a month now and that would normally be enough for me to ignore this and move on to fresher meat, but I couldn’t let this one go without pausing for reflection on a thing of beauty. Brighton’s Simon D James is the creator of such beauty and new single ‘In the Fields’ begins with the twitter of birds followed by a folksy plucked guitar line and fiddle accompaniment. James’ vocal is world-weary, but the melody is optimistic, layered and sumptuous. There’s something of the Cosmo Sheldrake’s about this with the stacking up of melodies but also bands like Everything Everything and Dutch Uncles in the mix of rhythms. Threaded through all of this is the folk aesthetic of Harbottle & Jonas and you’ve got an artist that appeals on a number of levels. The greatest joy for me, however, is how this tune crosses timelines and genres to create something fresh and hard to pigeon hole.

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