Savvie – Creature of Habit 
Savvie - Creature of Habit

Release Date: Out Now

Vancouver’s Savvie is not a book you should judge by her cover. I took her press pick to represent an alt-pop singer-songwriter from Sweden but in reality this new single is for more direct and powerful than that. ‘Creature of Habit’ is dripping in the kind of attitude you’d associated with Chrissie Hynde or Florence Welch and fuelled by garage guitars that saw and burrow relentlessly until you are swaying your leather-clad hips like a hired gun walking in to saloon bar looking for business or pleasure – preferably a bit of both. Savvie’s voice has the power to hit you where it hurts and the tone to leave you feeling grateful for the experience so just watch out for the bruises the morning after.

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