Russian Baths – Poolhouse (Good Eye Records)
Russian Baths - Poolhouse

Release Date: Out Now

Well this is intense. When you think of bands from Brooklyn you think of parties, rock’n’roll and good times. Russian Baths on the other hand spend a significant portion of this song just creating a post-punk atmosphere with searing guitars and pile-driver drums. It takes over 90 seconds before the vocals kick in on ‘Poolhouse’ and even then it’s a soulless, soporific vocal that speaks to you from another realm. The Pixies-esque guitars come back and you’re left feeling like you just walked in on your friendly vicar shooting up whilst watching 70s gymnastics videos. Unsettling doesn’t even cover it.

Live dates:

28th June – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn w/Lovelorn + Kindling

Watch the video: