Rockit Gaming – Becoming Human 
Rockit Gaming - Becoming Human

Release Date: Out Now

Anyone over 30, look away now. Or maybe don’t if you want to understand the future through your children’s eyes. Texas duo Rockit Gaming are internet superstars with all kinds of crazy online metrics that make them virtual royalty but what is really interesting is their angle – they write songs about video games and thus knit together two of the biggest online markets (as well as posting videos about it all on Youtube). These guys are endorsed by Nintendo but also Epiphone/Gibson so they are pioneers in a new era.

Anyway, the music is what matters and new single, ‘Becoming Human’, is a sombre, futuristic piece with a sporadic guitar line and soft vocals that speak of insecurity and bruised confidence. There are elements of Maroon 5 and Rooney in here and, if you close your eyes and forget about all the hype and branding, there is definitely a song in here. They’re not breaking any musical barriers with this but there is scope in this world for this kind of music that would fit on a film soundtrack or, more accurate, as the background music to one of the myriad video games out there that explore new universes, both internal and external. In a world where it is harder to make a living from music via traditional routes, this is likely to be the future for a number of artists so an interesting take on an age old problem.

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