Okay Champ – William Tell 
Okay Champ - William Tell

Release Date: Out Now

In the future, beyond the Trump inspired nuclear winter, there will emerge from the North of England an order of fanatical monks who dress in black, have ashen faces and worship at the altar of darkness. If you approach their monastery (an abandoned Wetherspoons that used to be a telephone exchange) the strange and haunting sounds that emit from the building will, in all probability, sound exactly like this new single from Newcastle gloom-merchants Okay Champ. ‘William Tell’ is based around a slowed down punk beat that becomes a march which is soon joined by the low and menacing vocals of John Edgar. The industrial, crunching rhythm guitar sound like pumps working away down a mine where the water is still uncontaminated while the wail of the lead speaks of those that have gone to live underground and can no longer process the sun on their skin. There is no God left to pray to in this landscape, no hope and no use for faith so the altar they worship at is one made from music and earthly energy. So, that’s the future then; bleak as fuck but at least the soundtrack is good.

Live Dates:

15th July – The Cluny, Newcastle w/Blom + Akne