Nic Cester – Eyes on the Horizon 
Nic Cester - Eyes on the Horizon

Release Date: Out Now

The solo side projects of band members are a lot like Chinese children used to be – best limited to one per family. That said, this new direction from Jet’s Nic Cester is significantly different from his band’s material so it’s worth pausing to give it consideration. ‘Eyes on the Horizon’ starts with a lonely piano melody before a chilled, cocktail bar vibe kicks and Cester sashays in to full crooner mode. This occupies the same space as Rooney or Phoenix but with the feel Rod Stewart just sliding from rock lothario in to full time lady slayer. Well played Mr Cester, a clean break and a change of direction has given you a new lease of life and we’re all benefitting from that.

Live Dates:

30th August – Home Festival, Treviso

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