Natalie Shay – Perfume 
Natalie Shay - Perfume

Release Date: Out Now

So, the 80s are back in style and I’m starting to make my peace with that (apart from the fashion, nobody needs to see that again) which makes this latest release by Natalie Shay all the more palatable. ‘Perfume’ blends the modern edge of artists like LadyHawke with the 80s carefree polish of Tiffany or Belinda Carlisle. “I will let you down but I’ll let you down slowly” sings Shay on the kind of chorus that in 2018 could be heard in festival field sung by hundreds of millennials while in the 80s it would waft reassuringly from a tinny cassette stereo in a suburban teen bedroom. The melodies are slick and hooky while the vocals tread that fine line between childish innocence and a maturity that comes from experience. The only things missing are processed hand claps and a saxophone solo. And maybe a little more hairspray.