Life – Grown Up 
Life - Grown Up

Release Date: Out Now

Such is the lo-fi wonder of this song from everybody’s favourite punk agitators Life, I felt compelled to listen to it on the worst speakers possible and it sort of improved it. ‘Grown Up’ is a two and half minute fumble full of angular guitar stabs, indie-punk riffing and the kind of lyrics that will translate in to any language or demographic – as long as you feel disaffected and slightly out of place. The tinny, whiny guitars coming out of my old laptop speaks burrow through my ear drums and you can just about make out a slinky bass line holding the whole thing together like the Fall trying to communicate through a Spectrum 48K from beyond a the collective grave (NB I’m aware that not all of the Fall are dead but you get my point).

Live dates:

17th June – Green Door Store, Brighton
20th July – Tramlines, Sheffield
28th July – Leopalooza, Bude
31st August – Electric Fields, Thornhill

Watch the Video: