Jude Woodhead – Beautiful Rain (Just Off 
Jude Woodhead - Beautiful Rain

Release Date: Out Now

As a 20 year old, classically trained South-Londoner, you might be forgiven for having certain preconceptions about Jude Woodhead and specifically around the music he produces. Well, my recommendation is to leave all your preconceptions at the door and come on in with a clear mind. Woodhead’s debut single is a sumptuous slice of layer cake with samples, beats (oh the beats), atmosphere and so much energy. ‘Beautiful Rain’ is centred around a central motif if the chanted words “Rain, rain, rain, rain, beautiful rain” which will make it something of an anthem for British gardeners but also gives this a tribal feel, completely at odds with the electro squiggles darting all around. Essentially, this is like one of those beautifully tended and elaborate rooftop gardens that you see from a plane when you’re flying over London or New York. When you take in to account the tribal rhythms and the Orb meets Orbital meets Chemical Brothers good times then you’ve got yourself one hell of a debut track and, just as a reminder, he’s 20…..

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