JONES– New York EP (37 Adventures) 
JONES- New York EP

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a certain privilege that comes with being a blogger that you sometimes get to hear music before the rest of the world but that privilege comes with great responsibility. For the past two weeks I’ve had this new EP from London based JONES on heavy rotation and apart from eating up my data allowance it has been an entirely wonderful experience. This is the second in a series of three EPs to be released by the singer but it is a great place to start off if you haven’t had the pleasure.

The first of the four tracks is ‘Silver Screen’ which is also the single from the EP and it’s beautiful in all it’s uncertain and fragile beauty. Based around a simple piano melody and some sparse beats, this track shows off JONES’ voice and tenderness perfectly in a way that the likes of Alicia Keys and Joss Stone do so well when everyone else has gone home and the lights get turned down low. ‘Waterfalls’ is up next and that simple piano motif continues, as does JONES’ subtly wondrous vocal that sounds like she is singing just for you, even singing to you if you didn’t know any better. If there is a better song about the quiet and intimate moments of love out there at the moment then I haven’t heard it and I’m not sure I’d be able to – this one already gives me chills every time.

My favourite track on this collection is ‘If You’re Gonna Love Somebody’ which is a perfectly observed tale of unrequited love in the 21st century and the difficulties of making the first move. The pure and funky guitar line is nudged along by a simple clicked rhythm and you feel for JONESwith every lyric, “I’m paying for the cheque, got my receipt and my regret, I missed my chance once more as you walk out the door”. The final song is ‘Worst Nightmare’ where we finally get to hear our heroine grow in stature as she takes command of a relationship and encourages her beau to let go and fall head over heels in love, all set to a chilled, Jazz inspired guitar melody that can only make you nod your head. I get sent a lot of music and I get to hear an awful lot of great new artists but I haven’t fallen for a collection of songs this hard for a really long time. If JONESisn’t all over your radio by the end of the year then I think I’ll have to quit. Or set up my own radio station. JONES is someone very, very special.

Live dates:

27th June – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, New York
5th-9th July – Barn on the Farm, Gloucester

Watch the Video for ‘Silver Screen’: