Jessie Munro – Under Fire 
Jessie Munro - Under Fire

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto born but now LA native Jessie Munro is one of those artists who just comes across as unassuming and reserved but boy oh boy is there talent here. New single ‘Under Fire’ sashays and sways like an outsider dancing in the kitchen at a pool party when they think nobody is watching but we see you Jessie and you’ve got moves girl. Formed around some excellent bass work, this track is all in the shoulders and lingering moments of eye contact embellished with some sprinkled guitars and the kind of beats that do their work without ever craving your attention. Munro’s voice is thin and light which might sound like a criticism but it’s a hugely stylish aesthetic and works really well with the music so you very quickly find yourself humming along while you do that aforementioned dancing for one. Go on, move those hips.