Hollie Haines – All You Did 
Holly Haines - All You Did

Release Date: Out Now

There’s an incredibly relatable element to this latest release from the gentle talent that is Hollie Haines and I think it will split people down the middle. ‘All You Did’ is essentially a song that encapsulates all the whirling thoughts and emotions that go through the head of someone suffering and struggling within a relationship where nobody else can see the damage that is being done from the outside. Musically, this is set to a folk structure with highland tinges and the perfect sound to suggest Hollie should get on a bill with the likes of Wildwood Kin and Sound of the Sirens. The impassioned clarity of the chorus lyrics is unmistakable and impossible to ignore as Haines summons up her inner strength to sing “All you did was tear me down and all I lost was all you found, everyone thinks that you’re a saint and nobody knows that I’m in pain”. And there’s the Marmite effect – you’ve probably either been in exactly that situation or, if you haven’t, well then you might be the one causing the pain. Whoever you are, there’s always time to change and always songs like this to hold a mirror up to real life. Bravo, Ms Haines.