Eliza Shaddad – My Body 
Eliza Shaddad - My Body

Release Date: Out Now

This is the second track I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing from Eliza Shaddad and its an understated beauty. The opening guitars and drums of ‘My Body’ are full on lo-fi shoegaze and you might expect a half-mumbled vocal to join in but you’d be way off. No, Shaddad has such a deeply rich and luxuriously textured voice that the sadness with which she sings feels so authentic and heartfelt. It’s almost as though Shaddad has dismantled the sound of Massive Attack and then blended the component parts with Ride and a few bits of Jeff Buckley to make a sound that is a soaring beacon of emotion in a world that so often tries to hide its true feelings. Beauty is here if you want it.

Live Dates:

9th June – Parallel Lines Presents @ The Lexington, London w/Bedouine

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