Cassels – When Completing Handshakes (Big
Cassels - When Completing Handshakes
Scary Monsters)

Release Date: Out Now

The excellent brotherly duo Cassels are back, hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album, and they’ve got a new track for you to sink your mind-teeth in to. ‘When Completing Handshakes’ is typically abrasive and brutal but what we’ve got here is Cassels moving up to the next level as the guitars swell with menace and the drums have a fuller, more pounding intensity. When the wave of noise abates and the vocals kick in, we find a band doing their best job of splicing together At the Drive-In’s size, the shape of Cable and some of Frank Turner’s very early colour. Are Cassels at the top of their game? Fuck no, this is still a work in progress but it’s still better than most other bands and that’s what makes this so exciting. Terrifying and exciting in equal measure.

Live Dates:

19th June – Privat, Cologne
20th June – Druckluft, Oberhausen
21st June – Astra Stube, Hamburg
22nd June – Volksbad, Flensburg
23rd June – Airport, Bremen
24th June – Barrikade, Zwickau
25th June – Eternia, Prag
26th June – Selbstverwaltetes Jugendhaus, Erlangen
27th June – SUb, Graz
28th June – Alte Malzerei, Regensburg
29th June – Treibhaus, Luzern
30th June – Summer Gloom, Antwerp
20th July – New River Studios, London

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