Bulow – Sad and Bored (Republic
Bulow - Sad and Bored
Records/Wax Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Bulow was nothing but a starlet when I first heard her music, but it seems she’s fast tracked herself up to genuine contender on the alt-pop world circuit. New release ‘Sad and Bored’ is potentially an anthem for the insta-generation and I love it for that reason amongst many others. Bulow’s dreamy vocals are borderline disinterested in the way that Angie does so well but with a more mainstream pop slickness. Lay that on top of deep, dubby beats, some sparsely sprinkled melodies and a droned bass line and you’ve got the kind of song that is aloof, sexy and doesn’t give a fuck what you think about it. For what it’s worth, though, I think it’s awesome.

Live Dates:

8th July – Metropolis Festival, Rotterdam
14th July – Valkhof Festival, Nijmegen
18th July – FluxFM Bergest, Kreuzberg
21st July – Curious Arts Festival, Hampshire
31st August – The Surf Lodge, Montauk