Becky Bowe – That’s How Love Works 
Becky Bowe - That's How Love Works

Release date: Out Now

There’s a subtle and steely power to Becky Bowe’s vocal that is impressive in one so young but it’s the tone and timbre of the Leeds singer-songwriter’s voice that has got me reeling. Latest single ‘That’s How Love Works’ is a soulful and heartbroken slice of piano fuelled music that will chime with fans of Adele and Amy Winehouse as much as those that appreciate the authenticity of old Blues singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith. Much like LWM favourite Joanna Cooke, Becky Bowe is bringing the authenticity back in to Soul and Blues music which is very much welcomed and entirely needed in this crazy, hurly burly world we’ve found ourselves in.

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