Beachwood Coyotes - Discipline 
Beachwood Coyotes - Discipline

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a back story to the formation of this LA band (isn’t there always?) featuring acid, coyotes and a close call with a gangland killing but I really don’t think it’s necessary. LA quartet Beachwood Coyotes have created a spellbinding song in ‘Discipline’ that is already going on my longlist for single of the year. Framed around cascading drums and moody xylophone chimes, this song uses the kind of strings the Verve did in their prime and blends it in to a gumbo with flavours from Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, the Flaming Lips, the Killers, Talking Heads and the National. Now, those are big rock’n’roll shoulders to rub up against but these guys have got the chops and the heartfelt, sweaty sense of desperation in the vocal delivery of Jason Nott brings the likes of Pixies and Pearl Jam in to play as well. When the chorus line of “to see the beauty in discipline” is delivered followed by those triumphant strings you know you’re in presence of a song that matters to those that wrote it and that’s more than half the battle these days.

Live Dates:

23rd June – Hangar 24, Redlands
8th July – Muldoon’s Saloon, Long Beach