2U4U – Gurl 
2U4U - Gurl

Release Date: Out Now

British Hip-Hop collective 2U4U are pushing my tolerance for text-speak in band names/song titles to the limit but as soon as this new track starts to play I literally couldn’t care less. New single ‘Gurl’ is a blissed out, trippy and generally beautiful slice of jazz infused summertime fun and in this heat, it’s just what we need (apologies to anyone not reading this in the middle of British Summer Week). Taking the vibes of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest but giving it a modern twist with lyrics that speak of 21st century relationships between people from different backgrounds but with the same loves. All this plays out on top of a lazy beat, some slowly stuttering keys, a jazzy little guitar loop and soulful vocal harmonies. Drop this at your next outdoor party, BBQ or gathering that’s not centred around football and you’ll have eyes smiling and hips moving, guaranteed.