The Fruit – Dead Meat (#1) 
The Fruit - Dead Meat (#1)

Release Date: Out Now

Sometimes I’m asked for advice from aspiring musicians about how best to package themselves to approach blogs for coverage and whilst I’m not going to go in to details, this debut offering from band The Fruit breaks pretty much every single one of those rules. The only two rules they have followed is that they sent a link to the song and the song is ace. ‘Dead Meat (#1)’ is a dirty, fuzzy and intoxicating slice of blues infused grunge with guitars noodling throughout and the kind of Blues lyrics that have been telling of their woes since the dawn of time. I have no idea who The Fruit are, where they come from or where they’re going but on the evidence of this track it’s going to be a lot of fun so if you’re hitching for a lift and a car with tinted windows pulls up and opens the door it’s your call whether to get in or not. I’m not legally allowed to make that call for you.