Sadie Horler – Solivagant 
Sadie Horler - Solivagant

Release Date: 1st June 2018

There is something of a glow around Exeter teenager Sadie Horler which is not only thoroughly deserved but also as attractive as a moth finds the flame. The thing is, this isn’t the fierce glow of youth or a roaring fire, this is the glow of a warm window on a winters night or when you’re two pints of cider in and the sun hasn’t gone down yet. This debut EP comes from the mind and heart of a young woman at a crossroads in her life as one chapter ends and the next is yet to be written and crossroads, junctions and turning points are where all the best music is made, right?

Opening up with title track ‘Solivagant’ (meaning solitary wandering for those without Google), Horler immediately sets the tone for the EP with her gentle, deliberate acoustic strings acting like rain drops on the lake made of a rich organ tone. But don’t dismiss this as simple folksy introspection, no the chorus bursts in to life with a rolling drum beat and a voice that is as pure and tender as it is powerful and assured. ‘Desire’ comes next and as Horler sings “The Devil came to visit me wearing a disguise” you can’t help but be drawn to comparisons with Laura Marling, Regina Spektor and the arrangement of Fleetwood Mac which all points to a musical maturity beyond her 17 years. It’s as impressive as it is terrifying for all the other musicians out there.

Sadie Horler
The beauty of Sadie Horler’s music is that you know these songs would stand up beautifully with just guitar and voice, but she’s taken the time to hand pick some musicians and carefully craft some songs with rich, lush arrangements without being over the top. The sunny youthful love song that is ‘Just One Night’ is a perfect example with its Jazz structure and light-pop vibes beautifully complemented by the Saxophone of Joseph Hall drumming of Jack Laws. Final track ‘The Bench’ is weird on quite a personal level as it is the title of one of the first songs this humble blogger wrote way back in his teenage song writing years but it’s also a heart-stoppingly beautiful song. The soft, luscious Cello and Violin pull at the heart strings but it’s the delicate voice of Sadie Horler that seals the deal and brings a lump to the throat. If there’s a vocalist out there with a voice more intimate, humble and heartfelt then I can’t remember their name right now because I’m slowly slipping in to a spell cast by this bewitching Westcountry talent. This is a stunning debut that will sit equally well with the Radio 2 and 6 Music crowds but I kinda hope that leap doesn’t happen yet as it will give Horler time to let her talents evolve naturally without too much external influence. Whatever happens, I’d recommend getting involved now before everyone else is telling you how great Sadie Horler is – just imagine your embarrassment at missing out.

Live Dates:

27th May – Poltimore Festival, Exeter
2nd June – Gin, Fizz & Food Festival @ Woodlands Castle, Taunton
29th June – Wonder Fields Festival
6th July – Glas-Denbury Festival, Denbury
10th August – Love Summer Festivals, Plympton
1st September – Sunset Sessions @ YHA Treyarnon Bay, Padstow

EXCLUSIVE - Listen to title track 'Solivagant':