Lucy Mason – High & Dry 
Lucy Mason - High & Dry

Release Date: Out Now

There’s an ongoing campaign in my house against the slowing down of pop songs set to piano and slapped on to a banking advert. It’s a depressing and unimaginative trend that we want to stop…we’re a fairly militant household, truth be told. Now, every campaign has its loopholes, places to turn a blind-eye if you will, and I think Lucy Mason has just found one such loophole. Radiohead’s ‘High & Dry’ was never exactly a perky, dance floor filler in it’s prime so Mason’s reworking doesn’t exactly lose of the song’s original energy. However, what this version brings to the table is a new atmosphere that almost has a more optimistic vibe about it as the light piano chords float on the breeze and Mason’s delicate vocal does exactly what you need to get the message of the song across. There’s no denying this is a beautiful song, it always has been, but this reworking is like hearing it anew, like looking at a painting you’ve seen a hundred times before but from a different angle. Same same but different, perhaps.

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