Jessie J – Queen 
Jessie J - Queen

Release Date: Out Now

Now that she’s conquered China (in a musical sense), Jessie J is returning to reclaim her crown as the queen of British pop on new single, um, ‘Queen’. No messing around with the title then. A sparse beat and staccato strings are all that is provided in terms of a backdrop for Jessie to unveil her vocal in front of and unveiling is what this song is all about. “I love my body, I love my skin, I am a Goddess, I am a queen” she sings with admirable power and confidence but I can’t help feeling that this feels slightly like a cynical attempt to jump on the #metoo bandwagon with a video that looks like someone from Dove has tried to recreate Michael Jackson’s ‘Black & White’ video with a more diverse cast. It’s a powerful message and the kind of song that would fit comfortably on a Beyonce album so it’s a strong return to form, however, so welcome back Queen Jessie.

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