The Love Tectonic – Wake Up (Symbiotic
The Love Tectonic - Wake Up
Records/Integrity Publishing)

Release Date: Out Now

The Brighton based duo comprising Bryn and Heather Wulff-John but more commonly known as the Love Tectonic have given me one of the more genuinely refreshing listens of recent months with new single ‘Wake Up’. The moody piano notes and vocals of Heather open this like an Everything But The Girl or Portishead track but then things take a step towards the more energetic realm of things and the party really starts. A House inspired beat, chunky synth melodies and that hypnotically soulful vocal all mix to create a track could have been lost in a field since the mid-90s were it not for the crispness of the beats and purity of the vocal. If nothing else, add this to your exercise play list to get your heart pumping.

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