Annabel Allum – Rascal (Killing Moon Records) 

Annabel Allum - Rascal

Release Date: Out Now

The dreamily strummed guitar notes of the intro to new single ‘Rascal’ from Surrey dwelling Annabel Allum would lull you in to a false sense of energy if you’re not too careful. When the chorus kicks in, all distorted guitars and cymbals, you know you’re dealing with a primal force here that’s channelled directly between PJ Harvey and Jeff Buckley. Allum’s voice has a sense of control to it which is admirable to it but as with all great art it’s the parts you can’t see or hear that make all the difference and there’s a burning desire to break out of that control bubbling under the surface. If you like your music grunge influenced with a smidge of shoegaze and atmospherics in keeping with the XX then you’re in luck. A whole lotta luck.

Live Dates:

24th April – Siren Festival @ Birthdays, London