The Shrives – Money Maker 
The Shrives - Money Maker

Release Date: Out Now

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Shrives have a pretty hardcore set of fans. This is based on nothing more than the fact that these rum lads from Grantham have a pocket full of tunes and occupy that space that has previously been home to the likes of the Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight and the Pigeon Detectives. Romping indie guitars and insistent drums battle for space with catchy indie melodies and a real heart-on-the-sleeve track about love and the frustration of yearning. A video showing of the bleakness of the British seaside during the off-season just seals this as a classic Brit-indie track that will surely have a small army of adoring fans bouncing up and down all over the country. Expect either big things or a triumphant implosion – nothing in between.

Live Dates:

21st March – Pirate Studios, London
27th April – The Royal Standard, Sheffield
28th April – Verve Bar, London
5th May – Hashrock Festival @ the Hairy Dog, Derby
30th June – The Castlegate, Grantham
20th July – Deerstock Festival, Newton Cross Country

Watch the Video: