The Barefoot Bandit – Hard Life 
The Barefoot Bandit - Hard Life

Release Date: Out Now

With a name like the Barefoot Bandit, I half expected this Devon tribe to be more like the Levellers but it turns out they’re a Reggae-Dub outfit and that’s a refreshing change. New single ‘Hard Life’ gets moving with a satisfyingly dark skank which skirts just the right side of Hard-Fi and takes its time without rushing to get to a chorus. The breathless vocal delivery and bubbling bass are highlights but honestly this quartet are so tight that you can just enjoy listening to one instrument at a time and get a different flavour each time. There’s a rap break, a bass solo, some incredibly tight drum work and swirling guitars that drop you down a well and then drag you back out with a jerk. Expect to see these guys ripping up some early evening festival stages this summer – this is perfect sun downer music and should be enjoyed with a rum or a cider at the very least.

Live Dates:

9th March – Oddfellows, Exmouth
17th March – The Brook, Southampton
24th March – The Old Brewery Pub, Torquay
31st March – The Moon, Cardiff
15th June – Favourite’s Field Frolics 2018, Buckland St Mary
17th November – Tamar Flaming Grill, Plymouth
22nd December – Tamar Flaming Grill, Plymouth

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