Squeeze – Rough Ride 

Squeeze - Rough Ride

Release Date: Out Now

So, Squeeze are back, and they’ve genuinely got one of the most unusual singles and videos on offer at the moment. ‘Rough Ride’ is a real state of the nation song that takes on the issues with poverty, lack of social mobility and dead-end jobs over a funky, cop-theme indie-rock melody with classic, unmistakable everyman vocals. Then come the weird bits – there are contributions from the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choirs, the Thorntree School Choir, a trumpet solo and a video that features Simon Day trying to grift people with a three-card trick on the streets of London while another man dances on the pavement for money. This is one of those songs that you can enjoy for the melody without expending too much effort but if you have the energy to pay attention to the lyrics then you’ll get far more from it.

Live Dates:

26th April – The Tivoli, Brisbane
27th May – Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow
6th July – British Summer Time Festival @ Hyde Park, London
4th August – Wickham Festival

Watch the Video: