Lucy Mason – Save Your Breath 

Lucy Mason - Save Your Breath

Release Date: Out Now

The Dream Pop genre seems to have made a real surge in the last year or so and I’m putting that down to the predilection of TV advertisers to use sloooow music to accompany their sales pitches along with just a general need to rock in a corner and try to forget the general chaos the world is in. No matter the reason, Lucy Mason is surely the pretender to the Dream Pop thrown and new single ‘Save Your Breath’ is a beautifully gentle, slow and studied effort that finds Mason’s soft vocal laid out luxuriously over a satin sheeted bed of electro melodies. If you have any problems right now that you can’t do anything about then get some Lucy Mason in your life, turn the lights town low and just let this wash over you. There, you feel better already right? Now close your eyes and just let those worries melt away.