IDestroy – Pure Joy of Life EP 
IDestroy - Pure Joy of Life

Release Date: Out Now

Bristol trio IDestroy describe their music as party-punk and new EP ‘Pure Joy of Life’ does nothing to discredit that assertion. Opening up with the two and a half minutes of ‘Milkshake Sky’ and the guitar throb is as satisfying as the sneer in the vocals or the growl in the bass line that rumbles throughout this one – it’s a delicious opening. ‘Lemons’ keeps the pace up and maintains the bass grumble but with pop this time and an opening line of “you’ve got a face like you’ve been sucking on a lemon, you ain’t no fun” which is possibly the most British line that started a song since Chas & Dave were still pumping out the hits. I love it.

EP title track ‘Pure Joy of Life’ is up next and hits harder with the pop-punk riffage while the sweet vocal melody cuts through like lemon in honey and if the urge to move isn’t in you by the end of this three minuter then you’ve got issues. ‘Alcohol and Vitamins’ has a sleazier, more American sound to it which moves away from the punk blueprint towards a more straight-up rock’n’roll style and these ladies can more than hold their own in either genre. This collection closes out on the furious, visceral and unrelenting three chord churn of ‘And You Know’ which has a real New York punk vibe and the best drumming on the EP by a long stretch. Joining the likes of Rews, Berries and a growing army of others, IDestroy are standing proudly at the forefront of the Female British rock scene and it is in safe hands.

Live Dates:

21st March – The Shed, Leicester
22nd March – The Cavern, Exeter
23rd March – The Dome, London
24th March – The Joiners, Southampton
25th March – The Exchange, Bristol
28th March – Kellerklub, Stuttgart
29th March – Beteigeuze, Ulm
31st March – Zukunft, Chemnitz
1st April – K3, Hameln
2nd April – Schokoladen, Berlin
4th April – Nachtigall, Koln
5th April – Schaubude, Kiel
6th April – Menschenzoo, Hamburg
7th April – Feinstaub, Frankfurt