Candice Gordon – The Kids Are Alt Right 

Candice Gordon - The Kids Are Alt Right

Release Date: Out Now

There is a growing worry about the ‘alt-right’ movement that’s gaining ground in Europe and further afield and so, as these things go, the musicians start to pick up their instruments and write their messages to be heeded by current and future generations. Berlin based Candice Gordon is the latest troubadour to pick up a guitar and get pissed off about thugs, arsonists and fascists. ‘The Kids Are Alt Right’ isn’t just a pithily clever song title, it’s also three minutes of blistering, angry, garage-punk inspired noise that has a primal spirit behind it. Gordon’s vocal takes on a Patti Smith vibe as the guitars rattle and the drums rumble like war beats, warning of an oncoming battle. “They haven’t felt anything real in their goddamn lives but injected emotional steroids” she sings channelling the likes of PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi and Iggy Pop in to a garage-art-punk weapon of mass education. The funny thing is, I get sent hundreds of releases a week to review and I have yet to receive one that actively promotes the thinking of the alt or far right which suggests that this is a movement without the ability or patience to put their thoughts down in words or set it to music. Small mercies.

Live Dates:

17th April – Ilses Erika, Leipzig
18th April – Scheune, Dresden
19th April – Z-Bau, Nuremberg
20th April – Merlin, Stuttgart
21st April – Studio 672, Koln
22nd April – Wageni, Bochum
23rd April – Trinkhalle, Bochm
24th April – Potemkin, Bielefeld
16th May – Birraficio Deli Archi, Viareggio
17th May – Terni, Michima, Terni
18th May – Boa Sorte, Tarquinia
24th May – Controverso, Scafati
25th May – Officina 72, Agropoli
26th May – Alibi, Foggia