Bend Sinister – Heard It All Before 

Bend Sinister - Heard It All Before

Release Date: Out Now

Vancouver’s Bend Sinister have created one of those instantly likeable tracks in ‘Heard It All Before’ that kicks off like Queen at their most playful before settling in to a more indie-pop vibe with serious chops. “Oh my God you come knocking at my door, but I’ve heard it all before” they sing in the chorus and it’s a real epiphany moment soundtrack for a movie where the main protagonist needs to sort their shit out and do something about their car-crash of a life. The fact that they’ve even put in a slow-mo middle eight suggests they’re already lining this one up for the next Owen Wilson bromance movie but that just makes me love this all the more. Intense, relentless, a lot of fun and over before you know it – no, not my sex life, this is all about Bend Sinister. Douche.