Red Rum Club – Calexico 

Red Rum Club - Calexico
Strangely, although this track is infused Latin American melodies, horns and vibes there’s also a very distinct Liverpudlian accent at work in the vocals here and that creates the kind of sound I haven’t heard since Space were big players. Liverpool chancers Red Rum Club have got the Mariachi bug on ‘Calexico’ with the kind of horns you would only hear on a Doritos advert or the opening credits of ‘Strictly…’ but it works. Throw in that aforementioned accent, some serious indie-pop chops and a chorus so full of desperation and passion that Ricky Martin would be all over it and you’ve got yourself one catchy little number. It’s a melting pot of flavours, styles and influences but isn’t that what musicians from Liverpool have always done best? Spoiler: yes it is.

Live Dates:

1st February – The Seven Stars, Brighton
2nd February – Birthdays, London
3rd February – Mr Wolf’s, Bristol
4th February – CafĂ© Totem, Sheffield
7th February – Lending Room, Leeds
8th February – Jimmy’s, Manchester
9th February – Official 13th Note, Glasgow

10th February – Surfcafe, Tynemouth