Kailee Morgue – Unfortunate Soul (Republic Records) 
Kailee Morgue - Unfortunate Soul

Release Date: Out Now

I’m not gonna lie, I love this song. US alt-pop teen queen Kailee Morgue has created a song that is so instant and infectious but equally raw and believable. ‘Unfortunate Soul’ starts with a chilled Ed Sheeran guitar line and basic beat but then Morgue’s vocal strolls in with the most relaxed, effortless flow and confessional style. “I’m an unfortunate soul, unlucky yeah I’ve been told, I’ve still got room to grow”, sings Morgue and the maturity in that lyric is beyond that in many people I’ve met of more advanced years. I had this on a loop for seven or eight rotations before I could get enough of it to even think about writing anything constructive but from the simple melody and relaxed beat to the pop-perfect lyrics and carefully placed “nah nah nahs” this is just a beautifully put together piece of alt-pop magic and I’m blown away by it. I hope beyond all hope that it’s not a one off.

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