Candy Ambulance – Spray 
Candy Ambulance - Spray

Release Date: Out Now

A strong contender for band name of the year already and for shortest song too. New York brats Candy Ambulance’s new single ‘Spray’ comes in at just over two minutes of itchy, angry and fired up garage-punk with an E-number fuelled heart. Punchy drums, crunchy guitars and vocals that feel like Charly Bliss, early Veruca Salt and Brassy all got together for a screech off whilst chewing some never-ending bubblegum. This isn’t all sweetness and light though, there’s a dark underbelly that’s well worth exploring if you can hook in to the bassline and hang on without being thrown off.

Live Dates:

26th January – Gug’s, Glens Falls
10th February – River Street Pub, Troy w/Let’s Be Leonard
20th February – Mohawk Place, Chicago w/Passed Out
21st February – Duck House, Cleveland
22nd February – Shakespeare’s Lower Level, Kalamazoo
23rd February – Bric-A-Brac Records, Chicago
23rd February – Cole’s Bar, Chicago w/BLOOM + Harvey Fox
24th February – Milf Crate, Aurora
25th February – Bremen Café, Milwaukee w/The Women
27th February – WZRD 88.3 FM, Chicago
1st March – Bottle and Barrel, Alton
2nd March – Replay Lounge, Lawrence
3rd March – Front of House Lounge, Springfield
8th March – The Cave, Chapel Hill
9th March – Arcana, Durham
10th March – The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh w/Gown
11th March – Galaxy Hut, Washington

19th March – One Caroline, Saratoga Springs