Alfie Indra – Red Lights 
Alfie Indra - Red Lights

Release Date: Out Now

I’m assuming spacey folk pop is not a genre based around the folk pop stylings of Kevin Spacey but you can never be too sure these days, so I thought I’d better give this a listen. Alfie Indra professes to perform this genre and new single ‘Red Lights’ is a great example of it. Blissed out vocals and guitars never quite pierce the fog of electro melodies and soft beats that all combine to make you feel a little drunk and woozy. Indra’s voice is personal and close with a sense of the confessional about it but there’s also a sense of fun about this and innocence that gives the whole experience a fun vibe. It’s like the beginning of a buzz on a night out with good friends at your favourite bar. Without Kevin Spacey.

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