Wish Hounds – Avalanche 
Wish Hounds - Avalance

Release Date: Out Now

There was very little information accompanying this new release from Exeter lads Wish Hounds but the music did enough talking. ‘Avalanche’ came out a while ago but it’s only just reached my ears and it’s worth revisiting for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s the spiralised guitars that are pitched somewhere between the Cure and the Soup Dragons. Secondly, the drum and bass combination come straight from the early 80s when U2 were still on the way up and Simple Minds had stadiums swooning. Finally, there’s the voice of front-man Kashi Gill who has the kind of assured, smooth and silken voice that cuts through the swirl of guitars to make his point with clarity and no small amount of style. Gorgeous stuff, providing 80s inspired post-punk with a hint of romanticism about it….which I do.

Live Dates:

23rd December – Buccaneers, Crediton w/Parla

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