Rosie The Crow - Invisible (Ra Ra Co Co)
Rosie The Crow - Invisible

Release Date: 24th November 2017

There’s a real sense of bravery behind the latest single from Cornish trio Rosie the Crow and I defy you not to allow the opening verse and chorus of ‘Invisible’ to stop you in your tracks. The piano stands alone and strident giving support to Rosie’s fragile but brave vocal that speaks of the realisation that you’re in a loveless, one way relationship and making that first step of admitting it’s slowly killing you. As single’s go, this is a bold release and while either get ignored by radio playlisters or will become a cult anthem for its raw and instantly identifiable subject matter. Co-written with the reliably wonderful Harry Collier, this tune has now had 5 consecutive plays in Monger towers and only a couple of those were due to the disturbingly engaging video.

Live Dates:

27th January – The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven
4th February – Gylly Beach Café, Falmouth
8th February – Ryans N16, London
10th February – Album Launch, Cornwall

Watch the Video: