Bulow – Not A Love Song 
Bulow - Not A Love Song

Release Date: Out Now

Dutch teenager Megan Bulow has written a song about not giving in to lust and letting your urges fool you in to thinking you’re in love. As much as this sounds cheesy and potentially a little ‘purity ring’, Bulow has created an edgy, alt-pop tune with ideas and innovation beyond her years. ‘Not A Love Song’ opens like a chart straddling pop behemoth from the likes of Lordes, Ellie Goulding or Years & Years before that chorus kicks in with a shuddering, juddering, throbbing synth groove. Bulow’s vocal is breathy and way too cool for a teenager but it works so, so well. I’ve heard major recording artists with eye-watering budgets come up with insipid and uninspiring stuff for years, we all have, but Bulow gets it and that is very exciting. Wrap your ears around this, the perfect empowerment song for people everywhere, regardless of age or gender.

Listen Here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/damaged-vol-1-single/id1300750240?app=music