50 Year Storm – Distressor EP 
50 Year Storm - Distressor EP

Release Date: Out Now

When you’re faced with a power trio from Newquay who present themselves with a debut EP produced by the legendary John Cornfield then you know you’re dealing with a band that have hutzpah and more than a little moxie. The aforementioned EP, ‘Distressor’, is a three-track blast that opens with ‘Cold Teeth’ which begins with a haunting vocal followed by synth throb and a dirty guitar riff. Crack open some steady drums and then pour in some stylish pop-rock vocals are part Brandon Flowers and part Ozzy Osbourne in his young prime.

‘Shotgun’ is up next with some Gospel organ and Blues guitar atop a lumbering, lurching, sparse beat that was born in the Louisianna swamps rather than the beaches of Newquay as they sing “I might as well kick back like a shotgun”. Closing track and ‘Naughty Coffee’ is as dirty and grizzly as they come, like walking in to a futuristic saloon bar in West World full of cyber-cowboys and oil instead of bourbon. As an introduction to this three piece, this is a powerful and intoxicating brew that only hints at what I’ve heard are heady live shows. Expect more, much more.

Live Dates:

2nd December – Charlie’s Bar, Redruth w/Citations + Majaro