Rosie The Crow – Lungs 
Rosie The Crow - Lungs

Release Date: Out Now

Cornish one woman song maching Rosie Crow is turning a whole lotta heads with her latest vehicle, Rosie The Crow and new single ‘Lungs’ is justifying all that head turning. Heading things up with bass, keys and her classy alt-pop vocal, Crow leads her trio in to battle sounding like a Venn diagram of St Vincent, Kimbra, LadyHawke, Lordes and the XX on a really positive day. The satisfying proto-80s beats provide the perfect foil for the moody guitar notes while that vocal has a steely confidence about it that is impossible to resist. Along with Auction for the Promise Club, Rosie The Crow are leading the way in classy/glassy Cornish alt-pop which is niche, for sure, but then who ever thought K-Pop would be so big and look what happened to Psy?

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