Ferris & Sylvester – The Room (Archtop Records) 
Ferris & Sylvester - The Room

Release Date: Out Now

Oh, thank God for that. The world has been going to hell in a handbasket even more than usual in the last few weeks so it’s a welcome and rejoiceful thing when the superb dual talents of Ferris & Sylvester rock up in my inbox. The pair’s new single, ‘The Room’, is drenched in the rich honey of their vocal harmonies and basically the song is the dripping of the aforementioned honey in to the square holes in a warm, freshly made waffle. The acoustic guitars chug gently and pleasingly and the drums pop in and out to their own timetable. This is lazy, sunny Sunday afternoons all wrapped in a familiar blanket on a porch with your best friend (regardless of gender or species). This is the big hug and deep breath the world needs right now so bring it in big fella, let those tears roll.

Live Dates:

26th October – The Bedford, Balham