Akiva – M.O.D. (Kurb Records) 
Akiva - M.O.D. 

Release Date: Out Now

It’s not often that I agree with the description given by the Press Release that accompanies a new tune but Lost in the Manor have it spot on with this one; “think George Orwell meets the Killers”. Bedfordshire boys Akiva’s new release ‘M.O.D.’ is tense and dramatic but with a sense of driving cool that comes with the likes of the Killers, Gary Numan or Muse. The electro throb is industrialised by the pounding drums and then given a purpose by the assured vocals. You can hear the preaching confidence of Reverend & The Makers coming out of the vocals that speak of the brainwashing of war and the pawn-like use of human beings in the war games of the rich. This has film-montage written all over it but the animated video does that job superbly so maybe, just maybe, this song has the full package.

Watch The Video: