Delia Derbyshire – Future Ghosts 
Delia Derbyshire - Future Ghosts

Release Date: Out Now

Before you go looking for live dates featuring Delia Derbyshire you should know that she passed away in 2001 but such was her visionary talent that only now is her creativity being appreciated. ‘Future Ghosts’ is a soundscape that forms part of the Radiophonic Workshop project which has pieced together extracts from over 300 reels discovered in Derbyshire’s attic after her death. As you might expect from the woman who pioneered eerie soundscapes and gave us the original Doctor Who theme that still resonates today, this is uncomfortable listening but also somewhat soothing as the industrial waves roll in and out, washing over a pebble beach formed entirely of memories, dashed hopes and regret. The imploring BBC voice at the beginning urges us to “listen with your inner ear” and if you can clear yourself three and a half minutes to let this wash over you then you might just achieve that. A true pioneer in sound engineering and an enticing project in prospect.

Live Dates:

13th October - Radiophonic Workshop @ The British Library, London

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