Cherryade – Blah Blah 
Cherryade - Blah Blah

Release Date: Out Now

Materialism. The very foundations upon which the pop world is built, surely. Even Madonna knew that. So, it seems brave or stupid for London upstarts Cherryade to turn on the hand that feeds and not just bite but rip it clean off the arm. Then again, this duo are not ones for towing the line and ‘Blah Blah’ is a superbly bratty and sneering view of the world where style rules over substance and the acquisition stuff is more important than, well, anything else. This is Lily Allen, early Kate Nash and Shampoo but with Years & Years at the controls just to give things a sense of the classy to underline the power of lines like “you talk shit like blah blah blah”. Fun but with a message, now that’s something I can dance to.

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