Velvet & Stone – Embers EP 
Velvet & Stone - Embers EP

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve had a vague awareness of Exeter quartet Velvet & Stone for a while, like that person you see every day on the bus but you never really take the time to absorb them. Then, like that stranger sitting down next to you to talk to you, Velvet & Stone went and dropped their EP in to my inbox and suddenly all is clear. ‘Ragged Wood’ is as a beautiful an opening to any record as I’ve heard in a long time with its tender, haunting notes that snake like early morning mist round decades old tomb stones and dew-covered grass. The delicately plucked strings interplay with their smooth, sliding counterparts and the chime of a distant bell. Continuing the after-life vibe is ‘Raise Your Ghosts’ which has a more optimistic sound complete with a driving beat and the assured, Country-esque vocals of Lara Snowdon.

The EP title track, ‘Embers’, takes the pace down a notch again as warmly delicate piano notes are woven together by silken violin notes before a celtic inspired rhythm starts to emerge and you feel a sense of raw emotion start to swell within you – now, which emotion that is will depend on your state of mind but for me, right now, it’s a sense of life affirming gratitude towards the universe. The EP closes with ‘Trouble’, a song that has flashes of Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran in its fiercely plucked guitar strings and insistent beat that builds to a triumphant climax. The truly wonderful thing about Velvet & Stone is their ability to adapt and switch styles and that is reflected in the fact that they describe their genre as indie-folk AND contemporary AND alt-classical. This is a hugely impressive EP but I suspect this is only the tip of an even more impressive iceberg.

Live Dates:

3rd September – The Fleece, Bristol
13th October – EP Launch @ The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter
2nd November – The Prince Albert, Stroud

3rd November – Comfy & Acoustic, Coventry w/Speak, Brother