The Lof Club ft. Lisa Loeb – Flicker
The Loft Club ft. Lisa Loeb - Flicker

Release Date: Out Now

Exeter bright-young-things The Loft Club are back and they’ve brought a 90s legend along for the ride. New single ‘Flicker’ has a sound that harks back to a simpler, purer time of free-love and revolution but set to a beat that has a more modern feel and brings a sense of energy to the piece. The Loft Club have always had the ability to write breezy and infectious indie-pop but there’s something almost cinematic about this tune that could easily accompany a montage of gentle defiance. Loeb’s contribution is an appropriately breathy vocal that speaks of summer fields and a sit-up-and-beg bicycle – that said, I think the tune would have survived just as well with the celebrity guest spot. Another great track from these guys but the question remains; when will they start to be heard and 
appreciated on a bigger scale. The clock is ticking ladies and gentlemen.

Live Dates:

2nd September – St Thomas Festival, Exeter
9th September – Smoked & Uncut Festival @ The Pig at Coombe, Honiton

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